Land Use Permit Application

A Land Use Permit is required prior to any excavation or land use.

I hereby depose and say, under penalties of perjury, that all the statements and/or information contained herein or submitted with this application are true. If any statement and/or information if found at a later date to be false, this permit shall become null and void. In signing this application, you are permitting a representative of the Village of Kingsley to do on site inspections. This permit expires if authorized work is not commenced within one year from date of issue.

NOTE: Building outline and property line must be staked by property owner/builder. Setbacks must be from eaves of building. No portion of any building or porch/deck may protrude into the setback areas. Site Plan drawings are required for all buildings and detailed drawings and plans are required for commercial, industrial, or complicated properties as determined by the Zoning Administrator.


Land Use Permits: $50.00   Front Yard Setback: 25 feet
Sewer: $1,600.00   Side & Rear Yard Setback: 10 feet
Water: $1,600.00   Frontage Requirements - Vairies (See ZA)
Water Despot: $125.00   (To be refunded when complete including curb stop to final grade)
Total: $3375.00    

Sewer & Water monthly billing rates are available at the Village Office.

A complete schedule of fees is available if necessary.

Once a land use permit is received, you will need to contact the Grand Traverse Co Construction Code office for Buildings Permits and possibly Soil Erosion Permits. Construction Code is located at 2650 LaFrainer Rd, Traverse City, MI 995-6044 (Soil Erosion 995-6042).

Village of Kingsley is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

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